Headstuff are pioneers of solving intractable problems in the public, private and not-profit sectors.

If you’re wondering what an intractable problem is you will have spent millions or billions on consultants, reports, research, endless analysis, used  correlation evidence-based approaches, made organisational changes,  changed systems, run campaigns, and yet the problem just never goes away and probably gets worse.

You’re probably on the ‘achieving more for less‘ agenda, not knowing that the way forward is actually from the question “using the least amount of time and energy how can we…”  which is actually how humans are designed to operate using the science of The Principle of Least Action, build in as standard to all human endeavours.

We work with systems, not against them.

We are different because we want your problem to go away, and with the least amount of time and energy.  We leave people with a greater understanding of how people and systems work with elegant simplicity.  We also teach people what we know, leaving them more resourceful and resilient, able to tackle the matter in hand.

Here’s an introduction to Anthony Davis, the Founder of Headstuff, which might give you some insights in to our unique approach, and we we get the game changing results we do.

Anthony DavisAnthony has spent his working life researching, testing and  applying “what works”.

He loves working with people dealing with seemingly intractable problems. Problems that have worsened over decades, like educational attainment, or public health, or stress, or employee engagement, or complex business projects that have derailed.

His background is in Systems Thinking and he was the first practising Landscape Ecologist in the UK designing the landscape restoration of major developments, gaining results in a fraction  of the time and using 40% less resources, compared to traditional approaches. He created business coaching in the public sector raising start up rates amongst women from one out of 10, to 6 out of 10. which then became a profession in its own right.   He’s also designed return to work schemes that have increased employement of hard to reach groups by 300-400%. He’s a Master Practitioner in NLP specialising in linguistics, and has an MBA specialising in Creativity, Innovation and Change with the Open University Business School.

He’s an all-round really curious guy.

If you are curious too, please get in touch for a conversation:

Tel: +44(0)7796 835 133 (UK)

Tel: +33(0)6 34 56 98 40 (FR)

Email: talk2us@headstuff.eu



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