Anthony Davis

About Anthony Davis, Founder of Headstuff

Anthony is a Specialist in making problems go away.  His understanding of  the source of all behaviour and behavioural change enables people to open their minds and see things a little different, and as your perspective shifts so do your problems and how you deal with them.  He loves working with people dealing with seemingly intractable problems. Problems that have worsened over decades, like educational attainment, or public health, or stress, or employee engagement, or complex projects that have derailed.

(If you’re wondering what an intractable problem is you will have spent millions or billions on consultants, reports, research, endless analysis, employed ‘evidence-based’ approaches, made organisational changes,  changed systems and yet the problem just never goes away and probably gets worse).  You’re probably on the ‘achieving more for less’ agenda, not knowing that the way forward is actually from the question “using the least amount of time and energy how can we…”  which is actually how humans are designed to operate.

His background is in Systems Thinking, obtaining a degree created by one of the original pioneers in Systems Thinking, J Brian McLoughlin.  He was the first practising landscape ecologist in the UK designing the landscape restoration of major development. He created business coaching in the public sector raising start up rates amongst women from one out of 10, to 6 out of 10.  And then became a profession in its own right.   He’s a Master Practitioner in NLP specialising in linguistics, and has an MBA specialising in Creativity, Innovation and Change with the Open University Business School.

He’s a really curious guy.

There are plenty of ways to get in touch for a conversation:

Tel: +33(0)6 34 56 98 40

Email: anthony@headstuff.eu

Twitter: @headstuff

Skype: headstuffski