Changing Minds™

Without a change of mind there is change of behaviour

Changing Minds™ is a highly innovative approach to behavioural change, with anything up to 80% of participants impacted upon, particularly in well-being.  And as well-being improves, so does resilience and resourcefulness.

And as well-being increases, the individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community (WHO definition of Mental Health).

Through a process of insightfulness, people on the programme gain personal insights, and it’s these personal insights (“what works”) that create lasting change, and whatever problems occur are dealt with, or are no longer considered problems: these are the consequences of resourcefulness and resilience.

And because the programme people discover what works for them – rather than trying to apply a technique or strategy of ‘what works’ for someone else – they take full ownership and are far more able to handle difficult and challenging situations.  Click here for an example of the impact in an intractable problem: preventing extremism

What is unique about Changing Minds™ is the use a model of Thought as a System that explains how the same system of thought, for example, creates the behaviour of a terrorist, just as it creates the behaviour of a peace keeper: same system, but very different behavioural outcomes.  This is a game changer, in whatever field you work in.  Even in Business.

A key principle of Changing Minds™ is a scientific understanding of how a person’s reality is created explaining the simple process of how Thought is created and how we all come up with unique Thoughts, and acting on these – or not acting on these – creates all behaviour.  And whilst what seems important is the content of our thinking, of more practical use is an understanding of the system of Thought.  This is the foundation of Changing Minds™.

If you are curious how Changing Minds™ could be significantly impactful with the problems you or your organisation is are dealing with, or for more information contact us at: