Alpine Action Circle

Scaling new heights

Enough thinking about it…enough talking about it…it’s time to do somthing about it!

The Alpine Action Circle is designed for people wanting to create and have a 5-figure business.  Is that you?

Whether you’re transitioning from a job to your own business, or finding your existing business a bit of a lonely struggle and ready to make a significant improvement over the coming six months, the Alpine Action Circle is for you.
And not just help and support with the softer support side but also sharing my 20+ years of business experience working with over 200 businesses as well as running my own successful businesses so you create the business that fits you perfectly and supports your lifestyle.
This programme is very much about connection, co-operation and collaboration:

  • Connecting you with what’s important in your life and having a business that supports you and those important to you now and in the future. And connecting with how you work naturally. Working with the system is so much easier and leads to exceptional results with more ease.
  • Co-operating by working and sharing with and supporting other like-minded people
  • Collaborating on new ideas, ventures and people. Ideas on their own mean nothing. Working on your own can be tough. Ideas plus action plus collaboration: that’s where the magic of being with others creates a self-sustaining energy and life and momentum all of its own.

What you’ll learn…

Over the coming 6 months we spend together, you’ll learn to:

  • Step off the gas of busyness and spend your time where it counts most
  • Design a business around your lifestyle now, and the one you want to live in the future. A smooth transition from a job to your own business, or struggling to stress-free business. Knowing exactly who your client is, and who is not. And able to connect and create them with ease.
  • Do the marketing that fits you perfectly, with who you are, and how you love to connect with clients. Not what you think you should do, nor the ‘experts’ tell you: you are your best expert in you so you know what fits naturally.
  • Having a business that works for you, not the other way round!
  • Staying on track, holding the faith of what’s important to you, having a seasoned business guide on tap, holding you to account, challenging you to be your best and what you deserve

So what’s in The Alpine Action Circle programme?
Over the next 6 months together, you’ll receive:

  • An initial 1:1 Getting Clear Skype session – where we’ll spend as long as it takes to refine and get clear with your idea. Or there’s the extra option of doing this here in the Alps.
  • Monthly 1 hr Group Skype calls, with every other month held jointly with my Mastermind Group and facilitated by the best sports, sales and business coaches in the world
  • Monthly 1:1 Skype coaching sessions. Sessions usually last up to 1½ hrs to give you the space and time you need to get clear on what to do next
  • Access to my network of personal contacts to help accelerate your business progress
  • My personal radar so I look for opportunities that really help progress your business. This includes: referrals to potential clients, information, ideas, opportunities, news stories for PR and what’s coming up, connections, directing you to funding and contracts (£10 – £100k is quite normal)
  • Private and confidential Facebook group to share ideas, concerns, ask for help, advice or suggestions with peer support
  • Review of your marketing materials e.g. promotional copy, website, branding, products and services, putting together successful contract proposals
  • Spot coaching via phone, text or email when you need it most
  • Accountability buddy. Always keeping you on track.
  • Optional 1 day/overnight personal session in the Alps, to get the full effect, including pick up/drop off at Geneva Airport, overnight accommodation and food – Anthony’s a professional chef as well! We take care of you and everything else so you have the greatest experience and outcome.
  • And if at some point you’d like to join the Alpine Mastermind Group then pay the difference and join us out here in the Alps, starting with your very own personal all-inclusive 3-day Camp Davis.

About Anthony

  • Worked in public, private and non-profit sectors including former CEO of a marketing business taking it to £400k turnover within 2 years.
  • Track record of obtaining £45m+ in successful contracts and funding for businesses and projects. For one client a £24k net investment turned in to £4m of new business over 2 years.
  • Assisted clients create over 200 businesses that fit them and their lifestyle, often transitioning from ‘a job’ to their own business. Pioneered business coaching for the public and NFP sectors
  • Worked in fields of coaching, marketing, product development and testing, landscape ecology (working with the system), project development and management, planning and generally making ideas happen in all arenas. Plus an MBA specialising in Innovation, Creativity and Change, contributing to the OUBS new MBA module on Entrepreneurship
  • A wide range of contacts that I can connect you with to help you fast track some of the problems you’ll come across in business and get you moving much more quickly
  • Shifting from Big Picture to small detail in a moment, and often considering both at the same time to get a complete and practical picture and outlook
  • A natural connecter. Seeing opportunities. Seeing the invisible. A ‘magician’ who sees the magic behind life and in you


  • £647 + VAT through Headstuff limited
  • Or,
  • £647 through f4se for businesses with a personal, social or education related non-VAT registered business (f4se is Headstuff’s sister non-profit company)
  • plus £497 + VAT for the Optional 1 day/night Alpine Residential

(And if you’ve spent more than £3k on training and personal development in the past 6-12 months this could even be ‘free’ – ask for Anthony’s know- how)

My commitment to you is that you receive a considerably larger return on your investment in new business. Sometimes one piece of information or connection I make for you can lead to £’000’s of new business.

How many places?

  • The Alpine Action Circle is limited to just 12 people

Start date

  • 20th September 2013

Any queries or question ask Anthony on +33(0)6 34 56 98 40 or email: otherwise to book:

Or email me for an invoice to do a direct bank transfer.

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