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We’re always looking for resources, new clients or resources to pay for ideas we want to do and one of the things I might do for a client is point them towards contract opportunities – people with a problem and a budget who are looking for someone (you) to solve their problem.  I thought I’d share a selection of 30 online portals I use.  These are different from grants and funds for making ideas happen – that’s another long list!

Generally contracts start from about £10k, and can consist of a 2 page freehand form of how you will address the problem, to a structured response, complete with supporting documents such as Health and Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities policy, Quality Assurance, Managing Complaints and so on.  I supply these to clients where they don’t have them which saves a lot of time creating them for yourself.

Competition isn’t as big as you’d imagine – as most people imagine it’s not worth going for these, and self-select themselves out of the process leaving it to others who lead and seize the moment.

And even if you don’t pitch, the sources of market information, insights, statement of problems, background research and contacts is amazing.  And it’s a great starting point to create training programmes, initiatives, services for which if one of these people have a problem with, you can bet there are hundreds or thousands more with the same problem!!

And I share a selection of these opportunities on my private Facebook Group “HeadsUp from Headstuff” together with a bunch of insights, tips, resources, ideas and ‘how to’s”.

Anyway, here’s the list for you…

  1. Advantage South West Tenders
  2. Bank of England Tenders
  3. BlueLight Portal
  4. Channel Island Tenders
  5. Coral Group
  6. Contracts Finder
  7. Dante Procurement
  8. East Midlands Tenders
  9. East Riding Of Yorkshire
  10. European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
  11. Gala Leisure
  12. Housing Procurement Portal
  13. net Tenders Portal
  14. Kent Business Portal
  15. Ladbrokes Suppliers
  16. Leeds Teaching Hospitals Portal
  17. London Tenders Portal
  18. Met Office Tenders Portal
  19. NEPO Portal
  20. NHS London Procurement Partnership
  21. Public Power Solutions
  22. Sell2Wales –
  23. South East IEP Business Portal
  24. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  25. Supplying 2 NHS
  26. Supplying The South West Procurement Portal
  27. The Chest North West Portal
  28. UK Hydrographic Office Contracts Portal
  29. University of Bristol Tenders
  30. YORtender


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