Collaboration. With love

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All my best work I’ve ever done is not a solo act.  It’s been through collaboration.

From restoring landscapes with engineers, foresters, ecologists, conservationists, politicians, planners, digger drivers (they are the best). It’s been a collaborative effort.

From creating something from nothing that has never been done before.  It’s been a collaborative effort.

From coaching with my clients.  It’s been a collaborative effort of co-creation.

From getting young more people into employment doing something they love.   More than has ever been done before. That was an amazing collaboration.

From being in love and making a relationship something way more than each of us individually.  That was a collaborative effort.

Nothing is ever achieved alone.

It’s only with others. Only by collaborating that we achieve something we dream of but never thought possible.

There is no other way.


With love


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