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Collaboration is an important thing for me.

I don’t see people or athletes or businesses as competitors to beat or get one over.  The purpose of a competitor is to help you up your game, to move you on to a higher level.  On another level, it’s a form of collaboration.  We collaborate to up each other’s game.

I remember years ago when I raced dinghies, in the dinghy park, with my fellow competitors we’d share stories and opinions about tactics, strategies, technical matters, their choice of sails and boat layouts, and then when we got on the water we’d compete at a new level.

And I spent many years designing roads, reservoirs, forests and housing developments fit in to the landscape and work with the ecology of the place: I collaborated with nature.  And with such great results that very quickly the new development looked as though it had always been there and was barely noticeable in the landscape.  And I had respect for the power of nature and the huge benefits of working with it, rather than against it.

Working with clients putting together new or developing businesses or project ideas, again we collaborate, working with the forces that operate behind that.   We respect what each other brings to the table, and in that space something greater is created than any of us could have imagined.

Once your own self-created pressure of competition is off, and you see a form of collaboration taking its place, your mind naturally clears and you naturally up your game.

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    The phrase “I collaborated with nature” really struck me; it has both beauty and power sewn into it. So often mountains arise out of the molehills of our thinking simply because we struggle against what Is.

    It seems to me that the way you work in business is the way I work as a Home Educator.
    I am deeply respectful of the nature of my children and collaborate with them in their unfolding. Working with their interests and passions -their own inner wisdom-helps me to help them grow with ease.

    Thanks for these thoughtful words,


    Angela x

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