Crisis! What crisis?

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I gave a presentation yesterday to programme manage a £6m programme of 12 projects.  A brilliant programme that could achieve great things by changing behaviour (I’ll write more on how behavioural change actually works 100% of the time, but later)

One of the questions they asked was could I give an example of a crisis I’ve experienced in a project and what did I do to manage it?  Great question, only I drew a blank!  I couldn’t think of one example!

And on reflection, it doesn’t occur in the projects I manage.  In fact it doesn’t occur to me – the thought that is – that you have to have crises in projects.  Sure, stuff happens, situations change, but our ability to respond is all that matters.  And with a quiet mind, we’ll respond matter-of-factly.  With crisis thinking going on, then sure, crises will happen.  Innocently, we’ll make them turn up.  It’s not what you see that’s important, but how you see it.

As one client said to me about one of my project teams running a £2.6m project I’d set up:  I don’t know what you do but your people quietly get on with the job, when the organisation is in turmoil! People just perform at their best from a quiet mind, compared to one in turmoil.  It doesn’t make sense to me or my project teams to have it any other way.

Projects and programmes without crisis?  That’s Just a Normal Day* for me (sic)


*with thanks to Supertramp

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