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We make our best decisions when we have a clear and calm mind.  And we make our worst decisions when our minds are revved up, stressed or anxious, and in that mindset we tend to grasp ‘solutions’ which very rarely work out.

You know, that piece of clothing you bought that you never wear, the job you’ve gone for when you hated the current one, or joining a gym that you never go to, or even buying ski lessons or equipment that never deliver the improvement in your skiing you want.   And if you’re one of the 95% of people who’ve gone on a diet that hasn’t worked for you you’ll know exactly what I mean!

And in the personal development world, Tony Robbins is a master of whipping up 1000’s of people in to a frenzy of insecure thinking who rush to the back of the room to spend thousands of dollars on his products.  You’ve probably experienced this elsewhere in other seminars you might have been to and bought stuff that’s never delivered what’s been promised.

And the reason they don’t work for most people?  It’s because you’re not in your right mind when you made the decision in the first place.  It’s not the clothing, the job, the gym or the ski lesson or equipment that fails to deliver, nor the self-development programme, it’s you.  Only you are responsible as you are the creator of your experience.  Your experience never comes from the ‘thing’ though it often looks like that.

The quality of your experience – and hence the quality of your decisions – always depends on your state of mind in the moment and absolutely nothing else.

For example, I bought some new skis recently, and I’m enjoying my best skiing ever.  Not just the quality of my skiing, but more importantly the quality of my experience.  I’m having such big fun! And the reason is simple.  I had absolute clarity in what skis I was looking for. My mind was totally calm and clear.

That’s not to say the quality of the skis contribute to my experience.  They do.  They work beautifully with the kind of skiing I love to do.  Much better than having a pair of floorboards stuck to my feet!

Oh, and the skis I bought?  They’re Kneissl Red Stars.  And they’re phenomenal!!

Bon ski!

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