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I still keep seeing it, people not in their Right Minds grasping for solutions, and looking for the ‘how to’.  And I notice too that the ‘problem’, or rather what they think is the problem, gets bigger, more challenging, and ever more complicated.

Here’s some examples I’ve seen today

–        How to create a killer email list

–        How to stress less every day

–        Sugary drinks cause obesity

–        Children of 5 comfort eat at aged 5

–        GPs prescribe £100 slimming course for millions of obese patients

Can you see the common denominator in all of this?  People, or rather some (self-) misguided thinking to its source.  For example, assigning the problem to inanimate objects (like sugary drinks), or outside sources (like deadlines and workloads), or making and teaching meanings (like feelings come from food, rather than thought), or telling anxious people what and how to change their behaviour (like that ever works!).

For if any of this was true, then it would work 100% of the time, and we wouldn’t have a whole bunch of thinking about it.

But if no-one pointed out that you were heading in the wrong direction – as pretty much everyone else was unknowingly looking in the wrong direction too – you can’t really blame anyone can you?

Here’s the thing, in your Right Mind, flowing, thinking clearly, with a clear mind – call it what you will – solutions naturally come to mind.  We can ‘see’, and we can ‘hear’. And we make better choices, and everything else is an effect of that.  Be that finding out about how to create a killer email list, not getting caught up in stressful thinking, not drinking sugary drinks and eating what comes naturally to you, or selecting a diet/exercise programme that fits you perfectly.  All these things will naturally occur, or won’t occur to you.  And it’s great that these options are available and that we can make best use of them.

And because we have a clear and open mind, clear thinking occurs, and what we see as the way forward arises and comes to the surface.  And more importantly we become conscious of it.

And if you’re in the ‘solutions business’, then the ‘grasping at solutions’ clients will be your worst clients and get the worst results, and share those worst results with others (not very good marketing).  And the clear-minded ones will be your best clients, getting seemingly effortless results, and share their experience with others (a.k.a. great marketing).

And how will anyone know and experience the difference?  That’s very easy.  They’ll find themselves doing it, rather than talking about doing it.

As I once heard someone say: a problem shared is a problem doubled 😉


  1. Anthony,
    Thanks for another excellent post. If you have an email list for the blog, please add me, your work inspires me and has been instrumental in my changing my approach to coaching, and hypnosis.

    By the way, your Facebook link at the top of the page goes to the wrong place.


  2. Thanks Robert. You can add yourself to my email list by registering in the box on the right hand side of the page.
    And thanks for the headsup on the Facebook link. Just fixed it.
    And if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, just ping me an email or call
    Thanks again

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