In simplicity, lies the answer to all complexity

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I’ve always found it odd that in trying to solve problems – personal or work wise – people think they need to dig deeper, ruminate, ‘think about’, go over old ground again as if the solution is to be found there.  After all, if it did, you’d already have the answer.

And in digging deeper the problem seems ever more complex.  Take behaviour for instance.  In looking at behaviour as the source of the problem, rather than the effect of an unclear mind as it really is, we can come up with millions of reasons why someone behaves the way they do.  And then trying to manage all of those becomes incredibly complex!!

To me it seems we have it back to front.

I’ve noticed that, and it’s the same for everyone, all behavioural change happens from a personal insight, and that’s when the mind is clear and flowing.  And that insight happens in a second or less, not weeks, or months or years.

All that is happening is the mind clears – even for a moment – fresh thinking begins to flow again, and the solution appears.  And looking back, that solution always seems incredibly simple, never complex, however the complex the situation seemed to be.



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  1. Great blog!. loved the phrase ‘ in simplicity lies all complexity’.. will forward that phrase to my therapists in my supervision groups who are constantly excavating the realm of possible complexity for the answer.. which is an endless search..

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