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A couple of things happened this week to suggest how we so easily get in the way of ourselves:

Firstly, a friend was talking about her spider phobia and I asked her if she wanted it cured “right now”.  Two things happened: she looked at me and said, “what now?”  And, “how do you do that?”  How often do we stop ourselves because we don’t know how, when actually we don’t need to know.  Do you know how your car works?  Or mobile phone?  Or washing machine?  And yet we carry on using them.  And yes, change can happen ‘right now’.  It doesn’t need to be booked in to happen a week on Tuesday!

Secondly, I was asked to help a friend’s niece to ski. She wanted to ski but was terrified of the thought of it.  I asked, “how can you be terrified of something you’ve never experienced? You don’t know, so it must be your imagination, a thought.  And made up at that”. Then I went on to talk about how we experience our thinking through our feelings, and how even they are not real (what creative imaginations we all have!).  Even though they may feel very real, we rarely recognise our role in the creation process!

See here’s the thing…you can only understand something after you’ve discovered it. Never before. And to learn something new, we have to give up old thinking for fresh thought and discovery to take place.

So we went out for a ski and on the sixth run on the nursery slopes she was skiing parallel.  And when she got to the bottom of the run she said, with a massive grin: “Wow! I see what you mean!!”  She’d had a new experience and discovered something new.  She also realised that when she was thinking about her skiing it didn’t work, and when she wasn’t she skied much better.  And she had more fun with it too!

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