Intellect vs Intelligence – part 1

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Intellect: Personal Mind, Ego

Intelligence: Universal Mind, Source


These are not two Minds, but using the same Mind differently


We usually seek explanation or the answer to something in the circumstances, the equipment, the conditions, the process, the people, their (and ours) actions and behaviours rather than us being in our right Mind.  In fact, when looking for an explanation or a way forward, an intellectual understanding is un-necessary and innocently gets in the way.

Habitual and conditioned thinking directs us to working out what we did, or want, at an intellectual level rather than at a deeper intelligence level.

The intellect needs methods, constructs – creating out of the past and future what happened in the now.  Using the intellect for most things is like looking for energy through a microscope: it’s using the wrong equipment.  It’s great at making cups of tea, doing maths equations, giving directions, arranging events, where logic is required, but not where we need something fresh and new, an understanding.

For example, parents put trainer wheels on bicycles to teach a child balance, and to protect the child.  However, evidence shows that this actually hinders the children’s development.  We think it makes rational sense, but it takes far longer for the child to develop balance on a bicycle.

The parent thinks it’s intellect that teaches balance, whereas it’s intelligence in the child that allows balance to appear, and only when the intellect gets out the way.

So, the intellect will put trainer wheels on (a process, a step, a strategy) whereas Intelligence will uncover balance naturally (the solution, the outcome, the next step).

With any breakthrough, it always comes from an insight.  It always comes from innate intelligence, never from the intellect.  The ‘Great Minds’ never talk about intellect.  They talk about a deeper Intelligence.  The intellect limits understanding, never expands it.  Step out of the intellect, and you’ll automatically step in to Intelligence and a solution or way forward emerges, naturally.

How many times have you woken up in the morning with a great idea and then by lunchtime intellectually destroyed it?  Yep, me too.

When you notice this happening, consider going the other way and using your innate Intelligence.  It’s what it’s designed for, naturally.

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