Intellect vs Intelligence – part 2

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Intellect: Personal Mind, Ego

Intelligence: Universal Mind, Source

These are not two Minds, but using the same Mind differently


Don’t pursue whatever you’re intellectualising about (pouring thinking over thinking), intelligence will kick in quite naturally.

Intelligence sees it as an outcome. Intellect looks for meaning, reasons, explanations, ‘coming to terms with’: digging deeper only puts you in a bigger hole.  And the more you invest in that, the harder it can feel to divest yourself of that.

Analysing your thoughts is using the wrong tool to examine something that’s in a different form, like looking for energy down a microscope.

The intellect cannot bring you something new, as it can’t be present.  It can only operate in the past and the future.  Looking for the solution in the intellect means you’ll just stay confused and frustrated and stuck that little longer.

You don’t have to understand what’s going on, that’ll change moment to moment as your thinking ebbs and flows.  The system is designed to right itself quite naturally and without any outside influence.  Seeking a ‘fix’ only delays what naturally happens when you get out of the way of yourself: clarity

Intelligence is presence, the now, the source of the new.  To make a difference in anything you always need fresh thought.

The truth is never lost, only hidden.  You’ll see it when you see it.

Intelligence has the capacity to see something that the intellect never will.

Changing things around us won’t have any effect: it’s when we change, then the world around us changes.

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  1. HI Anthony

    I like your explanation since it is so clear and undoubtly and stunning obvious when thought-storm decreases. Thanky you for sharing your words of this truth 🙂

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