Mindlessness: The Antidote to Mindfulness

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I originally posted this on my private Facebook page and have been asked to share it publicly.  So here it is:

We all know the benefits of a meditative state – creativity, better decision making, stress-free, relaxation, improved immunity, focus etc.  Generally, being our amazing best.

But what is little known is that Mindfulness isn’t necessary to achieve a meditative state – that state where little or no-thing is going on. Here are some of the things myself, and my friends find ourselves doing that are a meditative state – you’re probably surprised by most of them!!!:

  • ice and rock climbing
  • giving presentations to large audiences
  • playing games with their children
  • high speed driving
  • sky-diving
  • writing
  • skiing and snowboarding and yoonering
  • cooking
  • photography
  • playing computer games
  • playing in a band in public
  • running and walking
  • teaching
  • cycling
  • flying planes
  • sailing oceans
  • watching TV

So, no need to sit cross legged and focus on your breathing, or get annoyed (sic) because you haven’t done your mindfulness practice. A meditative state is always at hand, when your over-thinking falls away.

And by the way, doing these things doesn’t lead to a meditative state – that would be back to front and contrary to how we work naturally (and confirmed by this piece major piece of research on well-being sponsored by the UK Government – page 3, paragraph).  When we feel good we find ourselves doing these things as a consequence, and hence in a meditative state.

And no need to take my word for it.  It seems the Daily Mail has picked up on (or perhaps confounded by) the benefits of Mindlessness in maintaining a healthy weight.

What do you do to ‘achieve’ Mindlessness?

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