Natural behavioural change? Phew!

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Traditional mental training techniques are around changing behaviour.  But behaviour is only an effect or consequence of acting on your thinking, never a cause.  Behaviour is like burning a cookie. No amount of polishing, scraping off the burnt bits (more behaviour) changes the original cookie.  You need to go back in to the kitchen and bake a new cookie.

Traditional behavioural changing techniques also get you to think more about the behaviour in the hope of changing it.  Or adopting a new behaviour to replace the less useful one.  Again, the challenge with this is it takes willpower to be sustainable, and willpower is never sustainable long term.  It just takes more energy, which is why you’ll revert back to the old behaviour.  This is known as ‘coping’ and we all know how frustrating and unpleasant and unsustainable that is.

To put it another way, trying to change behaviour by changing behaviour, is like trying to scratch glass with glass!

And there’s nothing wrong with adopting a new behaviour, it’s understanding the true source and the role your mind has in its creation that’s the cause of lasting behaviour change.  With a change of mind – a personal insight – fresh thinking follows and a new behaviour that fits you perfectly will be a consequence.  It’s a natural effect.  And one that is lasting and fully integrated as it came from your own personal insight.

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