Problems! Problems! Problems! Ah, solution!

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We’re so used to talking about problems.  Dissecting them, taking them apart, digging and poking around in the expectation that if we dig deeper we’ll find a solution. Nah!

In my experience that rarely works.  All we seem to do is get really good at digging ourselves in to an even bigger hole and getting even more stuck.

We know what we know.  That’s a given.  And so there’s no need to discuss or poke around that.  Because if the solution came from there we’d already have it, wouldn’t we?

The solution never comes from a busy mind poking around stuff in the past or what’s happened.

The solution always comes from a clear mind.

The solution always comes from fresh thinking.

The solution always comes from a new thought.

So, if you’re in a meeting to discuss solving a problem, have a go with this approach:  No-one can say anything unless it’s new.  Someone has a new perspective.  Someone has a fresh thought.  And when someone says something new and fresh, explore that… curiously and gently and with an open mind.

That’ll move you on like nothing before.

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