Skicology: Putting aside what you know

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When we are trying to learn something new – at whatever level – we tend to project what we know into the area we don’t know.

For example, with skiing, what do you see the first time somebody puts on a pair of skis?  They walk.

And what do they do as the skis speed up?  They lean back.

And when they want to turn left or right, what do they do?  They rotate their body left or right.

And none of this works for skiing.

You see. People take their model of walking and project it in to skiing.  As if it’s an extension of the same, and it’s not.

And the way forward?  Put your thinking and particularly your intellect to one side, and open your mind to allow the new to come in.

With an open mind, less thinking, and with light curiosity you’ll absorb more and progress.  It’s a lesson we all can learn from children.

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