One of the things I like to do is leave people more resourceful after every conversation, however brief.   Here are some of the resources I’ve found particularly useful and recommend to my clients and others:

Below are some links to books, videos, 120+ business and skiing e-tips from my earlier blogs, and more!

Ski hire in and around Morzine delivered to your door

Door Step Skis, click here for extra discount

Books – business

Clarity by Jamie Smart     (website:

You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bicycle at a Seminar – David Sandler.  Just the best counter-intuitive ‘sales’ book.

Books – personal

The Inside Out Revolution – Michael Neill   (website:

Do Nothing by Damian Mark Smyth   (website:

Somebody Should have Told Us by Jack Pransky    (website:

Books – sport

Stillpower by Garret Kramer (website:

Inner Game of Tennis – Tim Gallway

Inner Game of Golf – Tim Gallway

Inner Skiing, Tim Gallwey

The Mental Athlete, Kay Porter

The All Mountain Skier: the way to expert skiing, Mark Elling           

Books – other

Mastery, George Leonard

Modello by Jack Pransky

Notebooks for helping make ideas happen

Behance Action Journal  (Blue)  Behance Action Journal (Orange) (My favourite creative notebook – beautifully simple and compelling to use)  All my clients get one of these.

My previous Blogs

  • archive of 90 e-tips on business, founded on ‘stuck’ conversations I’ve had with business people, and how to become ‘unstuck’ in 5-minutes or less: (it’s actually the content of my forthcoming book ‘Nought to Guru in 5 minutes’)
  • archive of 30+ e-tips on sport (particularly skiing, but relevant to other sports), founded on where clients have been stuck with their sport and some suggestions for moving on:


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