Skicology: a whole lot of thinking going on

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This season when I’ve been out skiing and pretty much each time seems to be ‘my best day ever’.  Skiing with nothing on my mind.  Except today.

I went out today and whilst the quality of my skiing was as good – if not better – as previous days.  And the pistes were perfectly groomed and very few people around, there was too much thinking going on in my head.  Not about skiing, but other stuff kept creeping in.

And as I sat on one chairlift, the lady beside me said to her friend: I’m getting better, but still having to think about my skiing.

And from the chairlift I could see plenty of people with a whole lot of thinking going on!

You see, we don’t experience our skiing.  We only ever experience our thinking about our skiing – or anything else for that matter.  So whilst the quality of our skiing might not change, our experience of our skiing will change moment to moment.  And it’s nothing to do with the conditions or anything ‘outside’ of us.  And there’s no-thing we can do about it – no technique, strategy, process, positive thinking or such like to fix it.  Doing any of that means your experience will stay the same and hang around longer.

Although, there is something we can ‘do’ about it.  And that’s to pay little attention to our thinking, and by default our minds clear and we fall back in to a great experience.  As happened to me when I realised what was going on and caught up in my thinking, and my mind cleared.

And that last run home was just awesome J

Bon ski!

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