The true source of exceptional results

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I’ve been noticing more and more that:

  • Placing more attention on crime, criminality increases
  • Placing more attention on behavioural problems, behavioural problems increase
  • Placing more attention on obesity, and obesity increases
  • Placing more attention on mental illness, mental illness increases

And I’m not suggesting that ignoring these will make them go away, rather that treating behaviour with more behaviour doesn’t work.  Treating the symptoms, with more symptoms doesn’t work.  Looking towards outside excuses isn’t true either.  You know: it’s my family, background, other people, genetics….etc, etc, etc.  None of these can be the true source as we all have families, backgrounds, other people, genetics and we all turn out different.  So can’t be that, can it?  Yet why do we continue look there for the answers?

Maybe you could find a correlation, but no cause and effect. When something is true, it’s true 100% of the time.  For example, the laws of aerodynamics mean that build a wing correctly it will fly 100% of the time.  Would you get on an aeroplane if the pilot announced this wing seems to work in 30% of cases!!! Probably not.

So why do it elsewhere?  Like crime, errant behaviour, obesity, mental illness…etc???

I remember listening to Dr Keith Blevens being asked by Jamie Smart so what first sparked you interest in the Principles? To which Keith replied Results! We were making crazy people faster than we could cure them!!

Now I’m interested in results.  And I only work in the field of exceptional results. And simplicity too.

And yet, people still look towards the tiniest of improvements, as that’s all they know they can achieve with what they’re doing:

And yet by not intervening there would be 5% improvement anyway!!!  And I know other people working in these fields that work in the 65-80-100% results.  And consistently too.

And the difference? They work with the true source of what’s really going on: too much thinking and too much on our minds.  When our minds quieten and relax, we have clarity, problems disappear or don’t occur in the first place, or at least we know what to do next, and we naturally fall back in to our right minds.

  • We don’t do crime.  We behave with respect towards others
  • We don’t do errant behaviour.  We behave with kindness and compassion
  • We don’t do obesity.  Our weight reaches a naturally healthy equilibrium
  • We don’t do mental illness, we experience more mental health

Athletes know this and we all have experiences of this: with nothing on our minds, we are at our natural best.

It’s a bit like a snow globe.  When we stop shaking it, it naturally clears.  As do our minds.

And fortunately we all have free will and we all have the ability to change our minds.  I’d suggest looking more in this direction.

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