Space is where the answer lies

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In sales it’s only in the spaces between your client’s thinking that they will hear something new and want to buy from you.

In marketing, it’s in the spaces that a new opportunity exists.  And no one occupies that space so it’s like a vacuum waiting to be filled.

In parenting, it’s only listening for the spaces where your child’s thinking quietens down that they’ll hear you.

In relationships, it’s in the space of your partner hearing that they’ll hear you, and allows your relationship to deepen and you grow closer.

In politics, it’s in the quiet spaces of debate that new and better policies appear.

In business, it’s in the quiet spaces during meetings that new ideas can be heard that solves the problem and allows the business to move forward.

In sport, it’s in the spaces between our thinking that we step into the flow, and your perform at your best.

Look and hear for the spaces.  That’s the only place where fresh thinking occurs.

And if there’s something going on in your head whilst listening, you’ll never hear.  Only a quiet mind has the capacity to both hear and come up with fresh thinking.  That’s the only space where the magic happens, naturally.

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  1. Anthony,
    In my short period of time working with the 3 Principles, this is one of the best most insightful pieces of writing I have seen. Before I (re)discovered the principles, I always used to talk about the space between your thoughts. I have intuitively understood these principles for a long time, but Syd Banks, MIchael Neill, and others (including you) have focused my understanding. I know now why I was so dissatisfied with my coaching and hypnosis practice previously – to the point that I walked away from working with clients – and I am now rethinking starting over. Your site and blog are a major inspiration in that process.


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