Whilst I’m talking about teams in general here, I’m also talking about management Boards of companies, project teams, think tanks, and the people who deal with seemingly difficult decisions or intractable problems.

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the people who perform at a consistently high level and the also-rans?  Why people endlessly grind away looking for solutions?  Hold meeting after meeting and never come to a decision?  And all the while the clock is ticking away, the market is moving on, clients are getting impatient and frustrated and opportunities are being lost.

If you ever watched the interviews of winning Olympians last summer they all said the same thing when asked by the reporter ‘what was going through your mind as you swim/ran/cycled/rowed your way to the finish and Olympic Gold?’.  And they all said the same thing: ‘Nothing‘.

They all had a quiet mind.

And when the same reporter asked the athletes who didn’t win exactly the same question of ‘what was going through your mind as you saw Olympic Gold slip away?’,  they all said the same things: ‘I felt the pressure or expectation of the crowd/my country/my coach/my team to perform’, ‘I couldn’t think or get my mind straight’, ‘I was  distracted by all the other competitors’…and so on

They all had a revved up mind.

And that’s the difference that makes a difference:  The quieter your mind, the greater your clarity and greater your performance.

It’s a common overlooked fact that State of Mind has the biggest impact on the quality of your decisions, how we deal with situations and how we experience our lives.  It’s neither skills nor experience that are the determinants of our capabilities, but our State of Mind.  This is the missing link to creating all human experience.

And fortunately when I work with teams they don’t come away with:

  • New techniques or tips or advice to follow
  • New daily practices, mantras, affirmations or rituals to practice
  • New strategies, or 3, 5 or 7 step processes to implement
  • Endless notes and references to write and follow-up on (that we know you’ll never look at again!)

For as we all have experienced, none of these work consistently over time, and just innocently rev up the mind.  It’s just pouring more thinking on top of existing thinking which sadly never works.

When I work with teams they do come  away with:

  • A deeper understanding of how state of mind impacts on the quality and ability to deliver successful projects and strategies
  • Calmness and clarity in times of stress and pressure: just getting on with the task in hand
  • Clarity, simplicity, ease and lightness in decision making, relationships and communications
  • Creativity and a sense of knowing the right thing to do
  • Shorter project lead and delivery times, happier clients and customers and colleagues
  • Year on year increases in profitability.  30% is quite normal.

And best of all, this ability is already within all of us:  a quiet and clear mind is our natural State of Mind, it’s just that we tend to get in the way of ourselves by filling our minds extraneous noise.  My role is to uncover and point towards this natural working within each and every one of us.   And the result: exceptional results

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