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All change comes from a new insight – a new thought.  Whether that’s knowing to make a career move, or set up a new business or asking someone to marry you!  And that thought never comes from somebody else’s thoughts or insights or processes – which is why somebody else telling you what to do never ‘feels’ right or produces the results you are told it will.

You may be familiar with processes of change that promise results, be they:

  • More information, studies or training
  • There are so many 5 or 7 or even 10 step processes that promises
  • Tips or techniques
  • Affirmations or Mantras
  • Programmes or courses of study
  • Strategies and processes

They may give the illusion of creating change, but they are never the source.  The source is always you.  You have the insight and it’s personal which is only why it impacts you.

The new thought always comes from within – you create it – and with that thought comes a real felt-sense that that is the direction or choice or action to take.  You just know.

And by the way, you don’t need to map out your entire future, just the next step or two, and once you take that you’ll have the experience and guidance what to do next, and so on.  You need to stay in the game though, and with a quiet mind, clarity emerges: it’s our natural state.  Innocently and inadvertently doing techniques or 7-step processes or weighing up pros or cons hoping it will lead to clarity is like shaking a snow globe:  you still can’t see.  But when you let the snow settle, then you get clarity.  And if once you have clarity you find yourself drawn to a process and see some value in a technique then fine.

And if you’re trying to understand something before you’ve experienced it it won’t work.  Sure you may get an intellectual understanding but that never creates change as the system only works one way.  You only understand something after you’ve discovered it.  Never before.  Or as David Sandler once put it: ‘you can’t teach a kid to ride a bicycle at a seminar’

And remember, we’re always just a thought away…

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