The Source of Inner Performance – part 1

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Realising that the Source of Inner Performance is built in to all of us is the first step to understanding and uncovering the true source of consistently improving performance.   An inner Source that’s innate and universal and like all things universal is very simple with no need for an intellectual understanding, and is naturally built in to the operating system of the human just waiting to be uncovered.

For example, British Olympic Cycling and Team Sky Director Sir David Brailsford had the insight that making small improvements in all areas of cycling technology, physiology, nutrition etc. would lead to enough greater improvements across the board that would enable his team to excel.  And they did at both the Beijing and London Olympics.

Now, I’ve met people trying to copy the same strategy (small incremental improvements), and getting frustrated that they don’t get the same quantum shift in results as David Brailsford’s cyclists.  And that’s because it’s not what he came up with that’s important (although it really looks like that).  Only he understands the true meaning of his own insight.  Anything else is second hand wisdom.

It’s the fact he had the insight in the first place which is why he got exceptional results.  And that fact – the ability to have insights to improve our own individual performance – exists in all of us (phew! Pressure off!).  Seeking ‘outside’ processes for the source of Inner Performance is simply looking in the wrong direction.  But sometimes we need to do that to realise we’re just looking in the wrong direction!

The source of any sports performance (or in anything for that matter) for ALL athletes, not just for the elite and Olympians amongst us, is nothing to do with strategies, techniques, visualisation, or thinking positively or the like.  That’s just someone else’s wisdom, or rather what they’ve found works for them.  And when somebody else’s ‘wisdom’ is distilled in to a technique or strategy it loses its magic and no longer works consistently for anyone else – and it never can.  Connecting with your own inbuilt wisdom is always where the magic of Inner Performance lies.



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