The surprising way to ‘fix’ a low mood

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I’ve been feeling a little low these past few days, a bit “out of sorts” so to speak, and woke up this morning feeling great!

And guess what? I did nothing to fix this – just carried on with business as usual, like – mowed the lawn, ironed some clothes, baked bread, wrote some more of my book, had some coaching conversations with clients, spent time with friends.  Yep, pretty much business as usual.

And here’s a bunch of things I didn’t do to ‘clear my head’:

  • Get analytical and dig deep as to where my ‘out of sorts’ feeling was coming from
  • Make meaning from some stuff going on in my life as the cause of feeling low
  • Have conversations as to the reasons I was feeling ‘out of sorts’
  • Go for a walk or exercise or take vitamins or change my diet
  • Become mindful of how and what I was thinking
  • Become aware of my thinking and try to change and fix it
  • Do stuff like trying to feel positive, express gratitude, say affirmations or similar techniques to improve my mood
  • Make any big decisions (like all the best decisions come from a low mood!!!)

Like we have a biological self-correction mechanism built-in, we also have a mental self-correction mechanism built-in as standard.  Doing any of the above to improve my mood would have meant my ‘out of sort’s feeling would have hung around longer and why would I want to do that?  Why would anyone want to do that?

There you go, a bunch of stuff you don’t need to do to ‘fix’ a low mood.  Now, there’s a weight off your mind  🙂




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