The Top 10 Secrets of successful proposals and projects

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I thought I’d share some really important stuff of creating and delivering successful proposals that I know works from 20 years of creating proposals and delivering £50m of exceptional projects (when I say exceptional – I mean usually 500%+ better than everyone else expects and does):

  1. NEVER pitch what you think they want to hear.  Always pitch what you want to do. Anything else comes across as inauthentic and reduces your chances of success (and builds in failure too!)
  2. START from your own idea. Then find someone who wants to pay you for the same problem that you solve.
  3. BUILD in ‘beyond the end in mind’ at the start.  The project is the start.  Never the finish.
  4. WRITE in the present tense.  It becomes real in the feeling of the thinking of the reader.
  5. WRITE from the heart.  Get personal.  Tell real stories.  It connects the reader. They feel too.
  6. EVIDENCE is great.  Evidence and stories work even better. We always make personal decisions and we love stories.
  7. TABLES and BULLET points. Bullet points give authority (and save word count!).  Tables convey truth.  Most people hate maths and so assume numbers in tables are truth (Btw, make sure they are correct!!)
  8. FOLLOW UP.  Go with the feedback. Ask for it if you don’t get it.
  9. BUILD IN evaluation and monitoring.  Learn on the job to improve and get better.
  10. TRACK RESULTS.  It’s your evidence for the next project.  Even if they don’t ‘pay’ for you to do it. Do it!

If you want mediocre proposals, and mediocre results.  Please don’t do any of this.

If you want to know more.  Give me a call.  Even if you have the project up and running and it’s not delivering the results you promised.  We can turn it around to exceptional.

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Anything and everything else, just call me on 33(0)6 34 56 98 40 or Skype: ‘headstuffski’

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