Thought in action

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Thought on its own is a completely neutral gift.

Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.

It is what we as humans put into our thoughts, that dictates what we think of life.’

(p49  The Missing Link, Sydney Banks)

There are two ways you can read the title of this article:

  • Thought inaction
  • Thought in action

And there’s a big distinction between the two.  And the difference is whether or not you put the energy behind your thoughts to bring them to life.

You see, without any energy, thoughts naturally just drift away, only to be replaced by a new thought. Complete thought inaction.

And sometimes, you’ll put energy behind a thought and it hangs around a little longer.  And sometimes you’ll do something with the thought and it becomes thought in action.

And contrary to what 99% of coaches, trainers, personal development gurus, positive thinkers and the like teach, you can’t control your thinking, it just happens all by itself.  Which is genius when you think about it.  It means you’re always just a new a moment away from new thinking, a new insight, which is always the point of change.

And you’ll notice I’m not talking about good or bad thoughts, or negative or positive thoughts, but the true nature of thought itself.  We think.  That’s all. And that’s the true genius built in to each and every one of us.

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