In Understanding

It’s the space in life that gives it the richness of experience.

Like music.  You can read the notes but they don’t make any sense without the spaces in between the notes.

It’s the silence between the words that enable us to hear the words, and where they point us towards.

It’s the spaces between molecules in bricks and timber and steel that create the materials to make buildings.  No spaces, no building, just a pile of dust.

Without space, all you have is a black hole, where not even light can escape.

The spaces between thoughts give them meaning and resonance.  Slow down your thinking and you’ll see, feel and experience more space and quiet in your life.

To use a skiing metaphor: when skiing through the trees, don’t look at the trees, look for the spaces between the trees as that’s the path to navigate through with ease.

Me?  I only see spaces: spaces for opportunity, spaces for fresh ideas, spaces for connection, spaces for fun, spaces for hope, and spaces for the things I love in my life.  And all these only exist in the spaces, nowhere else.

And I teach my clients to see spaces too.  And once you’ve learn that, you can’t unlearn it – nothing has changed, but everything is different.

Bon Dimanche Ax


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