True source of exceptional results – update

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A couple of days ago I wrote about the true source of exceptional results, and I thought I’d update you on the point of all change in people.

The point of all change is a personal insight – a change of Mind so to speak – and this only occurs when the mind quietens.

Peter Senge got very close to this in his book Presence, and mindfulness and meditation all point towards this, as does CBT.  But have it back to front.

And I went to a presentation recently on Employee Engagement and the speaker got really close to how the system works, then at the last moment went in to more thinking about how to engage employees.  Close, but no cigar.

It’s only when our mind clears that personal insight occurs, then we know what to do, and creativity and action flow.  And that creativity and action of what to do next could be meditation, or signing up for a weight loss programme, or taking up exercise, or the solution to that intractable problem, change jobs, or see that your colleagues are just having an off day, or whatever.

And that clear mind, but for our thinking, is our natural state.  As I said in my last blog, when we stop shaking the snow globe, the water naturally clears and we can see.  And so our mind clears when we stop shaking it up with extra thinking.

A change of behaviour doesn’t lead to a change of mind. A change of mind, leads to a change of behaviour.

And just for the record, I sometimes get it back to front too.  (Thanks Garret Kramer for the reminder 🙂  )


  1. Thanks Tony, and the speed at which it happens it can easily look the other way round. Until you realise that trying to change your mood doesn’t consistently alter your thinking

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